Hi, my name is Kevin Michel.

I'm a french developer, currently living in Montpellier, south of France.
You can find my stuff here or download my resume in english or in french.



A minimalist auto-reloading PNG viewer for Mac OS X.


A C++ parser for Unity binary assets files, for debugging, diffing or mere curiosity.

Po Localization

A Django applications enabling instant feedback when localizing applications and projects.

Chrome Grapher Extension

A Chrome extension to graph numerical values over time in a developer panel.


The Power Of Love

A puzzle-shooter for Ludum Dare #32 with the theme 'An Unconventional Weapon'.


A puzzle-platformer for Ludum Dare #31 with the theme 'Entire Game on On Screen'.


A 48h compo exploration game for Ludum Dare #30 with the theme 'Connected Worlds'.


A 48h compo puzzle game for Ludum Dare #28 with the theme 'You Only Get One'.



Post Mortem: yogo

I made a puzzle game where you have to kill every bots on the level with a single bullet while avoiding lasers and ending on the right side of the lasers to reach the goal. This is my third LD entry, all of them in Javascript, and I’m p...

First implementation: many problems

I tried a first launch with a sample implementation of the algorithm. So far, with only 15 human users, it’s been a failure. Some problems come from the design of the site and others from algorithm choices, I’ll only describe the last on...